The word Game originates from the Native European Indian word ‘Ghem’, which means galloping.Nowadays, this word represents fun, amusement and play.
The Game has followed around mankind since the beginning of time. In this day and age, the Game is within our social culture and it is also the core of future businesses.

The value of the Game shall rise to new levels.

eSofnet, with the best manpower and accomplishment of being first in this field of business, has given software development in Korea a new meaning.

With 13 years of game development Know-How and technology, eSofnet provides online games, offline games and web games to the users. We shall lead in future game cultures and provide all with creative and fun games. eSofnet will not only be the domestic leader in game development and providing I-BIZ Solution, but internationally as well.

eSofnet with pioneering spirits and creations, will be subjected to being a Value-Provider. This is the year of globalization! One For All Community And AllCommunity For One!