Brain And Its Function

Have you ever been in a situation when you try to recall something and press yourself very hard for it and if you fail to recall you come to a conclusion that you are suffering from memory loss.Memory loss is a problem in which situation can be improved by taking suitable supplements.


Brain is the organ that is responsible logical thinking, intelligence,association,memory etc.It happens sometimes that we try to recall something very hard and still are unable to actually recall. This can happen at any age and though it is not related with any serious disorder, when it happens we start blaming our age and think that this is a normal thing which happens with the normal ageing process.The memory loss is also called as amnesia for which we blame our age.

So when we age in due course of time,we take many kinds of dietary supplements and also  modify our diets in a way that it contains more of nutritious things and less of junk so that we stay fit and active by keeping our heart health.But very few of us know that memory and functioning of brain is directly related to the supply of blood to the brain. If the circulation of blood to the brain is adequate then the functioning of brain will be better.

For this we should takes foods rich in certain elements that improves the functioning of brain and one such element is omega3 fatty acid, which is found in cod liver oil,nuts etc. Intake of such things are highly useful for brain functioning. In case of memory losses the dietary supplement of omega3 acid is highly useful and is therefore often prescribed.

Another supplement that is highly useful is an acetyl and is an important medicine for the patients of Alzheimer’s.There are few more things that are good for functioning of brain and are included in the medicines for diseases related to brain.

So now if you face any problems like memory loss and visit any doctor for it,you will know that what medicines or supplements you will be prescribed.However when you visit any doctor and you find him prescribing any supplements,you should be cautious as limitless supplement is certainly not beneficial and to the most you should try to limit yourself to the natural elements like omega 3 fatty acids and the synthetic drugs should be taken only with prescription of doctor

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