Gum Disease Leads to Heart Disease

4Tooth decay and tooth loss are results of gum diseases. This is proven by recent medical studies. They found out that there is a link between gum diseases and other health condition to the general health of the body. Plenty of people do not understand that the potential damage that gum diseases can cause to their hearts and the cardiovascular system. In learning how gum disease contributes to heart-related medical issues, it is important to note what gum diseases are and what cause it.


Periodontal disease otherwise known as gum disease is a type of condition that affects the health of gums and teeth through bacterial infection. A culture of bacteria forms a film of plaques within the teeth and gums. If these are left unchecked for a long period of time, these bacteria can attack the gums when they bond with your teeth. Growing pockets of bacteria will then penetrate beneath the teeth until infection sets in. If the infection is not properly addressed and treated, these pocket can widen to the extent that the teeth becomes loose and will eventually begin to fall out or decay.

Latest studies show that those who are suffering from gum diseases are far more likely to have heart diseases. It is not yet entirely clear how the two conditions are related, more significant evidence suggests the presence of gingivitis can be a reliable precursor to heart problems such as strokes and heart attacks. If a heart problem is already present in the person, gum diseases aggravate these symptoms so there is a bigger chance that it can harm the person.


There are potential causes of gum diseases that exist. They play a role in the presence of gum diseases and could ultimately lead to heart disease. The first is smoking of tobacco and other related products such as cigars, cigarettes, and more. The usage of these products can increase the risk of having periodontal diseases. Study proves that people who smoke at least half a pack a day are 300% more likely to incur gum diseases compare to non-smokers. Those who are regularly smoking are more prone to heart and lung diseases.


Persons who have poor diets have increased vulnerability to gum disease and heart-related illnesses. A poor diet can often deprive one’s body’s immune system of necessary nutrients that it needs in order to fight off infections and heal mouth and gum wounds quickly. In time, this can slow down the body’s ability to fight off gum disease and allow the spread of bacteria to the other neighboring teeth putting them at risk as well.


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