Things You Need to Do Before Calling a Plumber

Not all plumbing problems need professional help. In fact, many of them can be solved on your own. But if you think the issue needs expert help then you have no other choice but to call a professional plumber. Here are some things you need to do before you make the call:


Plan and Prepare

You need to list all the plumbing issues that need plumbing intervention. It can be a broken pipe, leaky tap and some small repairs. Don’t just focus on the obvious. There may be other plumbing problems that you did not noticed. Hence, check your sink, toilet and tap. With all plumbing issues listed, you will have specific things for the plumber to do in just one trip. This means saving in your expenses as well.

Consider the Urgency of the Matter

Know that availing plumber services beyond office hours can be very expensive. If it’s just a dripping tap, this may be able to wait till morning. If you don’t make emergency call to a plumber, this may save you a little fortune. However, if things are getting beyond your control like a flooding house, you need not wait but call a 24 hours plumber ASAP.

Clean Up

Check if the plumber can go to the area that requires work.  If the work requires removal of the detergents and cleaning products stuck on your sink, the bill will be charged to you. Make sure that you clear the plumber’s working area and give and clean the place from the dust.

Save Your Parts

Most often, home owners would try to solve the plumbing problem by themselves.  This happens while the plumber is still on his way to your home. Perhaps you have disassembled the taps even before the plumber arrives. DIY repairs happen all the time. But make sure that the parts are present when the plumber comes so he can access it easily. It would even help if you take a photo before you remove the parts and make sure that small parts are well kept in a container to ease the work of the plumber.

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