Vet Supplements

Vet supplements are gaining popularity among pet owners as more and more owners want their pet to live healthily. This has led to a boom in the market of natural dog supplements as dogs are the largest pet category. This article will focus on the few top supplements and their efficacy. It will also help you in deciding which supplement should you give your pet and which ones to skip.



Bone problems such as arthritis is as big a problem is pets, especially dogs, as it is in humans. In fact according to vets it is a much bigger problem in dogs than in humans because a four legged animal cannot even stand if it has medium to severe arthritis. A large number of dogs are euthanized every year due to arthritis only. Glucosamine is anti-arthritis molecule that is available in various forms. It has been clinically proven to be highly effective in curing arthritis in humans but its efficacy in dogs is somewhat cloudy. A number of researches have been done but none of them have conclusively proven that glucosamine is effective in treating arthritis in dogs. However, all the studies have indicated in that direction hence there is reason and room for more research.

Fish Oil

As it was the case with glucosamine, humans are the biggest consumer of fish and fish oil has been clinically proven to be of great help in preventing cardio vascular diseases. However there are two points that poses a question on the effectiveness of fish oil. The first one is that is not it better to eat fish rather than fish oil. Fish oil comes directly from fish; hence why not consume fish oil directly. Second is that pets are not as susceptible to cardiovascular diseases as dogs are hence they do not need any additional precaution in form of a supplement. However if you still want to feed your pet with fish oil then there is no harm in doing so.


Probiotics are supplements that are rich in gut friendly bacteria. The purpose consuming probiotics is to improve our metabolism as it is proven that an improved metabolism can take care of many things. Probiotics are equally effective is humans and pets. A healthy gut helps in avoiding all the diseases of gastrointestinal tract and you should be mindful of the fact that more than 90% diseases originate from gut area.

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